File Transformer

File Transformer

File Transformer

I've created my first GPT called the "File Transformer."

What can it do? In its initial version, it can convert PDFs to images, images to PDFs, and even SVGs to images.

Why did I create it? Well, I often need to convert between different file formats, especially for websites to achieve faster loading times. I used to use separate applications for this, but with the File Transformer, it's a breeze.

PDF to png, jpeg, webp? Just chat with it. Image to PDF? Just ask for it. SVG to image? No problemo, just do it.

The vision of File Transformer? Help you to save time and money. You don't need to pay for additional apps or software to convert files. It is right next to your ChatGTP.

Let me know what kind of daily file conversion you need!


Nhan Vu